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Welcome to Lalegno South Africa – a leading wooden flooring supplier and sole distributor of Lalegno Engineered Wooden Flooring in South Africa. Our range of premium grade oak flooring is available directly from our factory in Cape Town as well as from our large network of dealers and installers who specialize in the supply and installation of wooden flooring in Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Durban.

Latin name: Quercus Mongolica
An intensely beautiful white-grey oak floor with rustic temperament, which also testifies to unusual beauty in sleek design interiors.

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Environmental Benefits
Engineered flooring is ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY
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Latin name: Quercus Robur
Traditional and trendy at the same time. Versailles floors are back! This board is brushed, structured, distressed by hand with an old wood effect.
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Lalegno engineered hardwood floors stem from a deep-rooted respect for nature and the patient craftsmanship of the carpenter. Our large range of flooring in oak offer a long-lasting solution ensuring a perfect stability of your floor.

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Multilayer wooden flooring, Multiple enjoyment

We have over 40 years’ experience in wooden flooring, essential skills, and the innate sense required to unlock all secrets of wood. Our hardwood floors offer you the delightful feeling of luxury and comfort, for a reasonable budget. Look, enjoy and pluck some ideas for your interior.

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Benefits of Lalegno Engineered Wooden Flooring

  • Established Respected European Brand
  • CE accredited
  • World class flooring at exceptional price/performance ratio
  • Local in-house state of art finishing production plant in South Africa
  • 10 different module size stock boards readily available and suited for South African market
  • Latest superior G5 Click and T&G system boards to suit all installation methods– can be Floated or Glued Down
  • Installation through accredited installers.
  • Aftersales product support directly from manufacturer (no middleman)
  • Countrywide network of accredited dealers and trusted installers
  • Ability to provide custom finishes for bespoke projects

Discover Lalegno Wall Esthetics


A wall or floor with personality and very popular with architects and designers! Furthermore, this wall/floor is completely finished with a lacquer that matches the colour of freshly sawn wood.

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Lalegno’s SPC (Rigid Vinyl Plank)

SPC (Rigid Vinyl Plank)
Features an Extremely Stable SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) Core. Available in 6 Colours
Lalegno’s SPC (Rigid Vinyl Plank) is the next generation of vinyl tile that offers a long list of benefits such as water resistance and sound reduction of up to 19dB, making it ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms.